A Bit Bookish


Last week Yogi and I attended a Musical Petting Zoo at the downtown library.  I had never heard of such a thing, but what a great idea.  He looks like a natural, no?  I think bongos may just be in his future. And yes, I did dress him for the occasion.  Nothing like a Rock & Roll baby.

What follows are three early indicators that Yogi might just be a bit bookish.

  1. It is clear that books top Yogi’s list of favorite things.  In spite of the fact that he has recently acquired 2 cars, 1 truck and 1 taxi, the boy prefers a book.  He loves to sit on the floor and turn pages. He can do this for quite awhile.  He also enjoys holding a book in the air while spinning in a circle.  Weird but cute.
  2. Yogi sits in the rocker with one of us (me at naptime and my wife at bedtime) and reads at least two books (don’t even TRY to read just one) before settling into his crib.  Sometime last week, he started turning the pages.  This blows me away and has quickly become my new favorite thing.  He knows when it’s time and though it’s easier with thicker pages he can manage the thin ones with a little help.  Very cool.
  3. On Saturday we had to break out a band-aid for the first time.  What lead to the injury?  Manic page turning.  My son’s first injury was a paper cut.  Atta boy.  😉



5 thoughts on “A Bit Bookish

  1. LOL … that is too cute! he certainly does look like a natural. and that is too awesome about the books. hope it stays with him, that love of reading. =)

  2. This bookishness bodes well for his future 😉 Also, I adore the idea of a musical petting zoo. Caged animals always really stress me out, so I've been on the market for kid friendly alternatives. That sounds right up my alley…

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