Things Have Been Better

I’ve been holed up under a rock for the last week.  The day after my happy sun post, we found out that my Dad has cancer.  He is still undergoing tests to refine the staging and diagnosis, but the word now is Stage 4 B Cell Lymphoma.  It’s not clear to me how they could get more specific, but he has an appointment with his oncologist next Tuesday to do just that.  Label the disease, discuss the prognosis and walk through the treatment plan.  It’s sounding like rounds of chemo but I’m trying to just reserve my own analysis until we get the official word next week.  I’m enough of a worrier without worrying about things that may not even happen.  So, I’m trying to be efficient with my anxiety.  It’s a step in the right direction. 🙂

During this last week I have discovered yet another fabulous thing about being a parent: no time for exaggerated worry and mental preoccupation!  Yes, I am still likely the most crazed cancer phobe you know and yes I STILL talk about my mother’s cancer battle of 86-87 when I get anywhere near a therapist, but now I’m responsible for this guy:

I still manage to find some time to obsess, but there just isn’t as much of it as there used to be.  Now there’s plastic-ware to be washed and walks to go on and diapers to be changed and a Yogi to play and babble with.  It helps.



6 thoughts on “Things Have Been Better

  1. While I'm certainly happy that you have non-stop parenting to keep you distracted, I'm sure that you must be scared. My warm thoughts go out to you and your family.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad! Hang in there… it seems like you've got the right attitude, pushing through and focusing on the good stuff. I hope your dad makes it through this as quickly as possible!

  3. So very sorry to hear the news about your Dad, and hoping that the meeting with the oncologist goes great!!! No wonder you are so easily preoccupied….Yogi is truly quite the cutie pie!!

  4. Wow, I am sorry to hear this. I am sending much strength. Your little Yogi is just criminally cute though! Glad he offers such a rewarding distraction!

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