Momma Had a Date!!

With Mom of course!  On Friday night we went to my wife’s work holiday party and my cousin stayed home with Yogi.  Aside from the time we went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary during Yogi’s first month leaving him with her parents, this is one of the few times we have left home without him.  Of course he was a champ and gave his cousin no trouble at all.

As you might have noticed from the picture, I was pretty excited about the opportunity to wear something that didn’t involve sweatpants, wool socks and and a spit-up riddled t-shirt.   I absolutely love the heels, although I was a little concerned about the height.  Luckily, after a glass of wine I barely even noticed the pain.  I’m not usually a fan of an office party, but it was a fun night and a GREAT opportunity to get all dressed up.


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