Yogi’s New Crib???

No, unfortunately we have not adopted a cat.  This cat belongs to the current owners of the house that we are in the process of buying.  How great does that sound?!  The house that we are in the process of buying.  Very cool.

Earlier this week we had the inspection, which meant that I was able to get in  to the house and take lots and lots of pictures!  While my wife and her Dad hung out with the inspector, asking question after question about the important things like the roof and the quality of the HVAC systems, Yogi snoozed and I snapped away on the camera and furnished the house in my imagination.  There were also bagels from the local bagel shop that is only a short walk away.  Great fun was had by all.

There are a number of things that still remain to be worked out, the owner/builder is in the process of completing the bonus room, the garage and a bathroom, but the house never went on the market in the first place so much of this is to be expected.  The exciting part is that if we can come  to an agreement about what needs to be addressed, we could be moving into a house as early as February!  Stay tuned.

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