Standing Tall

I can’t believe how much Yogi is growing.  I am aware of just how common this feeling is among new parents,  but it is just one of the many things about parenthood that turn out to be more true than you could ever have imagined.  In only 8 days, the little man will be 4 months old!  This picture was taken shortly after he hit the 3 month mark during an unexpectedly warm day when we met my wife post-run for a little neighborhood stroll.  He looks so tall in this picture.

So much has changed since the early days when I was wondering whether he would ever stop crying.  These days he is the most easygoing baby ever.  He can sleep anywhere and when he is awake, he is either laughing, smiling or eating.  My wife is sure he’s going to roll over any day now as he has become much more tolerant of tummy time and is actually able to hold his head up for a few minutes at a time.  His unexplained crying jags are very infrequent and when they do surface, he has become much easier to soothe.

My wife has the week off, so we are looking forward to lots of family time.

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