I Guess I Asked for a Lion, Didn’t I?

Thanks to everyone for the helpful comments on my last post.  I don’t know that the trigger was, but I definitely went a little crazy reading those instructions about good napping habits for infants.  Well actually I do know what the trigger was.  Yogi does a lot of crying.  Well, more crying than I had expected.  I’ve been surprised by how frequently his little alarm system sounds and when I read BW, I just latched right on to all of the over-stimulation and tiredness discussion and immediately thought…. THAT is what it is.  We are wearing the boy out, of course he’s crying.  Here at day 4 of life as a person educated on infant cues, he’s still a crier.  Oh well.  Who knows.  At least he’s getting a little more rest.

And the kid is certainly cute:


4 thoughts on “I Guess I Asked for a Lion, Didn’t I?

  1. I had one more thought, and then I'm taking off my mommy hat and not offering any more advice. Now, imagine me with an old Jewish woman's voice.

    Does that baby have gas?

    Seriously, though — he's made the change to a bottle which definitely produces a LOT more air bubbles than when he eats with Mommy….

    Just my .02… baby advice done.

  2. I LOVE his outfit. The amount of baby crying is a little surprising. Miles was always like that, too. I think it started getting better after 6 months or so. Until then, he would always wake up scream-crying and I was thinking, omg, is it always going to be like this?? I had to keep reminding myself it is the only real way they can communicate whenever they want ANYthing.

  3. Oh yeah…the baby CERTAINLY has gas, but the crying isn't new with the bottle. I think he's just got a lot to say. Kind of like Baker. I am surrounded by loud boys. 😉

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