I’m It!

I’ve been tagged by Schroedinger.  The game?  Share 10 random facts about myself and then tag 10 other bloggers so they can join the share-fest.  Ok, here goes:

  1. I read Shel Silverstein poetry at my elementary school talent show.  Yeah, I was just that cool.
  2. I could eat pizza (particularly Mellow Mushroom pizza) every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy.  This is not an exaggeration.
  3. I spent my college summers working in a tractor parts distribution warehouse.  I drove a forklift.  Myself.  I’m certified.
  4. I have a shameful love for reality television.  My favorites?  The Bachelor (how horrifying is that?), Project Runway, America’s Top Model (gasp!), and Big Brother.  If cornered, I would probably tell you that these shows fascinate me bc I’m a psychologist and people are my business, but it’s really just that eating Quakes on the couch watching weirdos on TV is my kind of relaxation.
  5. Gender and  how/what people think about god fascinate me.
  6. I can count on one hand the number of times I have gone to bed without washing my face.  I don’t really know what that’s about, but I just can’t NOT do it.  Drunk, sick, bone-tired?  I’ll still be clean and moisturized before my head hits the pillow.
  7. I’m an only child who was always aware of the fact that I wasn’t supposed to be an only child.  My Mom had health problems.  A very peculiar kind of pressure.
  8. At any given moment, I am reading at least three books.
  9. I’m an Aquarius.
  10. I’ve always wanted to be a red-head, but my hair is brown.

I tag:

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Butch….. & Pregnant

You’re it!!


3 thoughts on “I’m It!

  1. #3 is hot 😉 And I am totally with you on #5, even though I am an upepentent atheist and cis-woman myself. (And I JUST learned what “cis-” anything means. How far behind am I?)

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