I Love my Mother-in-Law

This is very random information, but it makes me so happy that I have to share it.

Upon hearing that my parents have gotten dibs on Gran and Pops, my MIL has started thinking about what she wants the baby to call her.  The two of us were discussing this over the weekend.  As our baby will be the first grandchild for either of our parents, this name thing is entirely new ground.

After I shared the Gran and Pops news with her, she was quiet for a while.  I could hear a kind of hmmm sound and then she said something I never expected to hear.

Her – I think I would like to be called some kind of animal name.

Me – An animal name?  Do you mean a pet name?  Like Benji?

Her – No.  An actual name of an animal.  Maybe walrus.

Me – Walrus?

Her – Yeah, maybe so.

I’m fairly certain that Walrus is not her final decision, but it’s exciting to think that all of this naming business may not be so straightforward after all.  I’ll keep you posted.


8 thoughts on “I Love my Mother-in-Law

  1. I called my grandmother an animal name. She was way to young to be a Gma or nana, or grammie. I called her “birdie”. It was cute seeing a toddler call her birdie, or so im told. lol

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