We’re Going with One

Our RE is great.  He really is.  During an evening run with the dog, we got a call.  Gotta love a cell phone.  Well when you want people to call you you’ve gotta love a cell phone.  He talked with us for almost thirty minutes and was really patient with our questions.  He was objective and really helpful in the decision-making process.  At the end of all of this, we feel good about our decision.  With eight frozen embryos, we’ve decided to go one at a time.  Transferring two is standard practice for frozen embryos, but our concern about twins is outweighing our need for speed.

So, tmw one of our eight will begin to thaw.  Let’s hope he makes it.


3 thoughts on “We’re Going with One

  1. Im so impressed that you are sticking with one embryo. Its what you both want and you arent letting a the failures cloud your judgement. Me, I wouldve been like, “Put *three* suckers in there and let's get this party started!” — from the very beginning. Not that that's bad, just different ;}

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